In Pastor Daniel's sermons to his new ministry, the Discovery Institute, also known among themselves as the "Lost Boys," he had warned his congregation that they would be abducted into the future to be used as slaves as he had, and that their cyborg masters would create tiny dinosaurs to hunt them, should they escape. These dinosaur trackers would steal their shadows, to forever mark them as runaways, but it was the token not of sin but of virtue: render unto Caesar, he said, that which is Caesar's. At this point in the sermon, Pastor Daniel would step into the light to show that he cast no shadow, was himself unspotted by worldly concerns, and the crowd would gasp. Theatrics, perhaps, but it won converts. He warned them that they must not give in to Z'Dar, that it would truly be a "Future War," between believers and non-believers. "Let my people go!" commanded Pastor Daniel to his congregation, "oppressed so hard they could not stand, let my people go. For a future war shall be waged, and the righteous shall prevail!"

Thus it was that the congregation, spellbound by their Pastor's thrilling sermon, set about enacting his plans, building the Creation Science Research Station and mocking the terrible aspect of his foe.