Like Br'er Rabbit trying to pull himself free of the tar baby at the end of that old tale, during construction of the Research Station some renegade Lost Boys spread something called "the Day-Age Perspective," which chronometrically proclaimed that each "day" in the Book of Genesis actually corresponds to an age, or a great many years, on Earth. Schisms were afoot, and shenanigans obviously at hand.

The Evangelicals under Pastor Daniel believed only in what the Bible says is true, counting up all of the days there to show that the Earth is only six thousand years old. Scientists' claims about dinosaurs walking the Earth hundreds of millions of years ago were silly, and wrong--the Earth itself isn't that old. How could there be things on Earth older than the Earth? This "perspective" could only be forced, the product of infiltration by the infidels excavating the pits. The Research Station, not yet ready, was rushed—the Creation Scientists began their program of planting proof prematurely. They exposed the perspicacious as moles and expelled them to the surface, but called to themselves the unwanted attentions of their most feared foe.

Timeline: "The Sons of Adam: Generations of the Old Testament and Human History Since Christ"

Note the position of the Saint Bernard (the dog, not St. Bernard!) and the alleged position of the Tyrannosaurus rex.