Cyborg and dinosaur dealt with and dispatched, Pastor Daniel and Sister Aimee still had that resurrected rascal, robotic roughneck Robert Z'Dar to contend with. Pastor Daniel couldn't even go up to the surface during the day, because his lack of a shadow would be noticed, and more cyborgs and robot dinosaurs would be sent after him.

The Creation Science Research Station staff determined to set traps for the cyborgs, dinosaurs, and for robot Z'Dar himself, first drawing them below the surface and then catapulting the lot through their miraculous polymer into the tar that surrounded the Center; in one fell swoop, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the evolutionists' theories were wrong and doing away with the future Z'Dar. When the dinosaurs and cyborg were found by the scientists working above, the thinking went, those scientists would realize that all of their theories were just that--theories--and that maybe, if they were wrong about Entrapment and evolution, they might be wrong about all kinds of things. Pastor Daniel and Sister Aimee hoped that this might convince those future scientists of Cyberdyne Systems that future figurehead Z'Dar was a crackpot, his theories, cracked.