Playing the part of Captain Hook down to his predilections, mustachioed and made mad by the burdens of elapsed time, Z'Dar fell for Pastor Daniel's tempting trick. Drawn in by the promise of a showdown with his old adversary, Tick Tock, immortal but rotten-to-the-core Z'Dar broke the code of the Research Station's security door. The roar of one of his legion of tiny robot dinosaurs alerted Pastor Daniel, Sister Aimee, and the Lost Boys to his heinous invasion of the inner sanctum.

High-kicking Pastor Daniel attacked adversary Z'Dar with a ruthless slew of furiously-improvised kickboxing feints, flying high and landing great blows on Z'Dar's great chin. Sister Aimee, praying for help from the Lost Boys, was nearly overpowered by the onslaught of tiny dinosaurs, but with the combined pugilistic panache of the Boys, flung them into the waiting tar. The first part of their plan achieving fruition, Pastor Daniel had the mustachioed cyborg Z'Dar pinned, and it looked like the day was won.

But crafty cyborg Z'Dar had not come unarmed. He unsheathed his great sword, and set after Pastor Daniel anew.

The battle between Pastor Daniel and robot Z'Dar was a furious one: first Z'Dar had the upper hand, then Pastor Daniel, then Z'Dar again. At one point, Z'Dar had Pastor Daniel teetering at the edge of his sword, on the precipice of the polymer and the terrible tar pits, and it looked like the end for Pastor Daniel and the Creation Scientists' plans.

But, just in the nick of time, the real Tick-Tock the Croc, Z'Dar's very prototype, appeared, chasing robot Z'Dar from the scene. His plans to kidnap Pastor Daniel were foiled once again. All was not roses for the victorious Lost Boys: Z'Dar had played one last fiendish trick--the tiny dinosaurs that they were counting on to disprove the evolutionist's egregious theories somehow liquefied when they came into contact with the tar, leaving only the oil that lubricated their moving parts to make its way to the surface, just more tar.

Pastor Daniel and Sister Aimee had no choice but to put their plans into immediate action. Grabbing the nearest Saint Bernard and flinging the poor pooch into the tar, Pastor Daniel instead fell in himself. He just barely escaped with his life when the research scientists above pulled him out. He was abducted by robot Z'Dar, and the whole infernal cycle began all over again.