Because of the plan's failure, many scientists persist in believing in a past where dinosaurs, and not man, ruled the earth, hundreds of millions of years ago, even that the Earth is millions of years old, and that passage of time, and not the Great Flood, made all of those geological formations that we see around us possible, all because of dastardly Robert Z'Dar's despicable trickery.

With these exhibits, we hope that you will see that the evidence has been manipulated by the devilish dexterity of Z'Dar and his team of scientists to reflect their view of the world. It isn't that there is no evidence for Creation Science, as some of these scientists claim, but that Z'Dar and his army of cyborgs from the future, along with their clones and helpers in their present, have successfully covered it up. What about the discovery of Runaway Daniel Bernhardt that started the whole thing going, for instance? You never hear about that in the news, because these scientists don't want you to know about it. It might throw all of their carefully-considered "theories" into a cocked hat.

With your help, we can begin to uncover some of the evidence that those scientists have hidden away over the years, with exhibits such as this one. Please give generously to the Annex, and visit us again.