Here's where things start to get complicated: after just barely escaping from the cyborg and dinosaur dastardly Robert Z'Dar had sent after him at Venice Beach, which is to say after he was discovered by the same Z'Dar of a century earlier, and also before either of those two events occurred, as will be explained, Runaway Daniel Bernhardt found his way inland to Sister Aimee's Angelus Temple. Bernhardt and MacPherson formed a plan to thwart Z'Dar, and, together, created the secret Creation Science Research Station, located below the Page Museum, on the lip of the tar's reservoir itself, reining in the tar and keeping the station dry by a miraculous polymer Bernhardt had filched from the future.

That's right, folks, the Creation Science Research Station was located right beneath our feet, an embryo unknowingly incubated by the very forces who wished its destruction! Some even say that there used to be an entrance in the basement of the Page Museum, but that it was closed off when secular scientists discovered it.

The goals of the Creation Science Research Station were simple: diametrically opposed to research, these sectarian scientists hoped to prove godless opponents like the hated Robert Z'Dar wrong, by pushing the bones of animals that weren't so old, like Dalmatians and Saint Bernards, into the tar in strata that would artificially age them by their supposed context. If Saint Bernards, which could conclusively be shown to have begun to be bred in the 17th century A.D., and those old Imperial Mammoths that scientists claimed had died out about 17,000 years ago, were found side by side in the tar pits, the scientists' theories would be thrown tail over teakettle. They might then see that everything is equal in the eyes of God, that man was given dominion over all beasts, at the beginning of time, six thousand years ago, just as the Bible says. At the very least, they would see that their Entrapment theory was baloney, the timelines they were working with, worthless. If Z'Dar and his scientists wanted to talk about evidence, the Creation Scientists would give them evidence to talk about.