curio by laura ellen scott



illegible undecipherable

1. Dominicus Dyre
2. Dominicus Dyre, b. 14 April 1697; d, 20 Aug. 1698
3. Mary Dyre, b. 20 Sept. 1699; m. William Carswell
4. Sarah Dyre, b. 22 March 1701; m. Mannering Beale
5. Elizabeth Dyre, b. 8 May 1705; m. 1st, Samuel Greenleaf; 2nd, Samuel Greenough
6. Dominicus Dyre, b. 27 Dec, 1710; m. Hanna Murray

1 Cart 7 wheels, 1 plough, Irons & clevis
10 hoggaback napkins
1 cheese fatt and churne; 6 trenchers; 5 noggins
1 Iron Tooth’d harrow
5 Casks flour weighing neat

1 horse called Hob; ditto called Jack
1 black cow called Stately and her calf; Red ditto called Tattler
1 red cow called cherry
1 Heiffer called Nutt

9 sheep
17 young swine

 unto my daughter Deborah Dyre the brodhorned black cowe and her calf and half the Cowe called Mottley. Also I doe give and bequeathe to my daughter Demaris Dyre the cowe called Demaris heifer and the white facted calf and half the cowe called Motley. my duagter Ruth the Cowe called Red Cole.