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1. The Second Prettiest of the Daughters 2. Bog Redaction 3. The Brewsters
4. Christmas Eve 5. Drownded Demonds 6. Ancient Recipe
7. Bun 8. Spoon and Blade 9.Onions
10. illegible undecipherable 11. Moon Walk 12. 37 lbs.
13. Witch 14. Last Seen Leaving 15. A Closed Throat
16. Seckle 17. Inking 18. First Anniversary
19. I Want to Kiss! 20. Crimson 21. Stickers



Dear Reader,

To my great surprise, all of the stories in Curio were inspired by real places, events, and individuals. In particular I owe a debt of gratitude to my cousin Ned Bennett Crislip for his excellent volume entitled Ancestors and Descendants of Norris and Elizabeth Bennett. I doubt he ever imagined that his hard work would be plundered and recast in this way. I also thank all West Virginians for their continued tolerance of my pastoral paranoia.

I’m deeply grateful for the support of the independent literary community. A few of the stories in this collection were previously published elsewhere, some in different form:

“Moon Walk,” appears in Gravity Dancers: Even More Fiction by Washington Area Women, Paycock Press
“Bog Redaction” appears in Wigleaf
“37 lbs” appears in Staccato Fiction
“Seckle” appears in Double Shiny
“I want to kiss!” appears in Corium Magazine
“Last Seen Leaving” appears in Smokelong Quarterly
“The Brewsters” appears in Moon Milk Review
“Inking” appears in Moon Milk Review Anthology 2011

Curio is dedicated to Dean, Mom, Tenants and Workers United, and Cami Park (miss you).

Author's Bio

Laura Ellen Scott is recovering Ohioan whose short fiction has appeared in Barrelhouse, Smokelong Quarterly, Wigleaf, and elsewhere. Her novel, Death Wishing is a comic fantasy set in New Orleans and will be released by IG Publishing in winter 2011 or thereabouts. Currently, she lives and teaches in Northern Virginia.


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