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Holiday Season 2014: Buy the new Leave Luck to Heaven ebook directly from us, and gift a free copy to one friend!

leave luck to heaven

Cover art by David Wells.

Leave Luck to Heaven, a collection of lyric essays by Brian Oliu, is now available. Read Oliu's haunted, haunting reflections on the following classic games:

Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, Maniac Mansion, River City Ransom, Adventure Island, Metroid, Bubble Bobble, Double Dribble, Rampage, Ninja Gaiden, Contra, Balloon Fight, Goonies II, Dragon Warrior, Kid Icarus, RBI Baseball, Tetris, Ghosts 'N Goblins, and more.

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These gorgeous essays are not like other essays. They are not paeans to nostalgia. They are mortality, obsession, love, hunger, need, and strangeness. They are the weird, painful things we made NES games carry for us because we didn't know where else to put them.


Cover designed by Leonard Kogan.


Uncanny Valley 0002 is now available. The magazine is $14 with free shipping. This issue continues the perfect streak of awesomeness that started with the first, but it also has a more whimsical, playful aesthetic all its own.

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John Colburn : The Story of the Second Husband, The Two Witches
Rachel B. Glaser : The Moody Pencil
Tyler Gobble : Three Poems
J. A. Tyler : My Brother Came
Shome Dasgupta : Mud, Gone Went the Rabbit
Rachel Yoder : Partial History of a Parallel World
Kathleen Rooney & Elisa Gabbert: Three Jokes
A. D. Jameson : The Woords
René Georg Vasicek: The Improbability of Being Here Now
Michele Harris : Two Poems
Justin Anderson : Box Trap
Lindsay Hunter : The child the mom the dad the girl


Cover designed by David Wells.

the back of our sweet magazine

Uncanny Valley issue 0001 is now available. The magazine is $14 with free shipping. One hundred and thirty pages of the most fun you will have with a literary magazine this year, carefully curated and designed over the course of the last year. We think you will love it.

Get the print issue for $14.00 with free shipping:
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Uncanny Valley issue 0001 Contents

Brian Oliu : Siren Suite
Tim Dicks : The Fireman
Roxane Gay : Bare-Chested Men in Public Make Me Uncomfortable
Laura LeHew : Two Poems
Roxanne Carter : Beyond This Point Are Monsters
Samuel Smith : Archipelago
Robert Alan Wendeborn : Find and Replace: Robot; Father
Candra Kolodziej : Hair and Teeth in Summertime
Rachel Adams : They Really Aren't
Blake Butler : Ricky's Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex
Gabriel Blackwell : An Interpretive History of Addition

What kinds of words are these? They are wild. They are strange. They are unexpected. They are inside your computer. They are hungry. They are kidnappers. They are robots. They are escaped internal organs. They are nightmares. They are lovely. They are very funny. They are sometimes scary, too.

We will not claim to be the best magazine out there, but we are one of the most fearless. There are things between these covers you haven't read anywhere else -- things you might never have read anywhere else. Other magazines make the words they publish fit their format. We make our format fit the words.

Or we break it trying.

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