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Leave Luck to Heaven

by Brian Oliu

A heart-wrenching collection of lyric essays, each themed around a classic Nintendo game.





Praise for Leave Luck to Heaven :

"In Oliu's gorgeous renderings, the games we played become dirges and love stories, set amidst the remains of the first age of the video game generation, investigating the hoped-for lives we once pursued inside and outside the machines."

- Matt Bell, author of In the House upon the Dirt
between the Lake and the Woods


"The collection continues on in this way: hauntingly beautiful mash-ups of memories and pixels. The reader is confronted with monsters and ninjas, mothers and fathers. The unreality of gaming is always there, but the unreality of life is center stage, pushed to the forefront time and again."

Southern Humanities Review 


Cover art by David Wells.

Digital / $4

Print / $12

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Uncanny Valley 0001

Strange, moving, provocative fictions, poetry, and drama.



Inside the Issue
Brian Oliu : Siren Suite 
Tim Dicks : The Fireman 
Roxane Gay : Bare-Chested Men in Public Make
Me Uncomfortable 
Laura LeHew : Two Poems 
Roxanne Carter : Beyond This Point Are Monsters 
Samuel Smith : Archipelago 
Robert Alan Wendeborn : Find Replace
Robot Father
Candra Kolodziej: Hair and Teeth in Summertime 
Rachel Adams : They Really Aren't 
Blake Butler : Ricky's Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex
Gabriel Blackwell : An Interpretive History of Addition 

Cover art by David Wells.

Print / $14

Digital/ $3

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Uncanny Valley 0002

Weird, haunting, dramatic fictions, poetry, and experiments.



Inside the Issue
John Colburn : The Story of the Second Husband,
The Two Witches 
Rachel B. Glaser : The Moody Pencil 
Tyler Gobble : Three Poems 
J. A. Tyler : My Brother Came 
Shome Dasgupta : Mud, Gone Went the Rabbit 
Rachel Yoder : Partial History of a Parallel World 
Kathleen Rooney & Elisa Gabbert: Three Jokes 
A. D. Jameson : The Woords 
René Georg Vasicek: The Improbability of Being Here Now
Michele Harris : Two Poems 
Justin Anderson : Box Trap 
Lindsay Hunter : The child the mom the dad the girl 

Cover art by Leonard Kogan.

Print / $14

Digital/ $3

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